Diagnostics and Services

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Bosch BSL 2470 battery charger

The BSL 2470 will restart your engine swiftly and particularly gently. The Bosch quick Starter-charger prevents damage to car electronics from peaks during jump starts or battery charging.


Bosch Diagnostics: Our knowledge, your success

More complex systems in automobiles require increasingly more qualified diagnoses for professional repair and maintenance. Bosch is prepared for this and will continue to secure the future of repair shops.

ECU Diagnostics KTS

Whether you are using existing workshop hardware or the universal comfort solution, you will have direct connection with all brands. The KTS series by Bosch offers a large product range, from the onboard diagnosis to the multimedia compatible, mobile, diagnostics system.

Engine System Testing FSA

The FSA series by Bosch are integral systems with state-of the-art technology. This product range contains several modules from the tried and tested “small” digital multimeter to the multipurpose measuring point for the vehicle system analysis of all well-known brands.

Emissions Analysis BEA – a tidy affair

The BEA series by Bosch enable you to test and minimize pollutant emissions with modular measurement technology. The equipment accords to the latest legislation and measures with high accuracy.

Diesel System Testing EPS

The segment contains simple injection-nozzle testing device as well as injection-pump test. These products are able to test common rail high-pressure pumps, inline pumps and distributor pumps.

Battery Service BAT

The BAT product range offers several devices from the professional testing and charging technology via the battery testers and the electronic chargers up to rapid start chargers and starter packs.

Air Conditioning Service ACS

To an increasing degree, air conditioners are becoming a standard feature in vehicles. The ACS series from Bosch offers the new generation of modern air conditioner service devices. Those are characterized by optimized efficiency thanks to fast and safe work sequences.

Wheel Alignment FWA

The wheel alignment devices from Bosch are available in different versions (cable, wireless, 6 and 8 sensors). All models measure with a 20° CCD camera which guarantees a high degree of accuracy and fast measurement procedures. Moreover the customer will get a simple and flexible user software and specs database from over 20 000 different vehicles.

Diesel Component Testing EPS

The heart of modern diesel engines is the injection system. Our testing systems for injection pumps and valves deliver clear results and help rectify deficiencies and engine faults.

ESI[tronic] Software

The ESI[tronic] range offers programs that are tailor-made to suit the requirements of your workshop. It is the comprehensive software for diagnostics, fault detection, mechanical and electronic work and creating offers. This means you can upscale your range of tech-nical information as desired and always stay up to date with it. ESI[tronic] works ideally with Bosch diagnostics devices.

Bosch Service Training

Complex automotive technology and the many applications of modern testing devices require in-depth know-how from their operators. We provide basic training programs on automotive technology, service trainings for beginners and advanced specialists and specific programs on products and applications.